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Mobile Viruses

Since the dawn of computers we’ve had viruses and it comes as no surprise that as we move more into a mobile world these virus are following. The mobile revolution has spawned viruses that are designed to install harmful files on your device.

Some proprietary systems have of course made it easy to control the spread of these types of these attacks. But, in saying that there are targeted malware and virus out there that are designed to attack specific operating systems.

What type of Viruses

There are a couple of ways that viruses are designed to attack a mobile device. Email is the most obvious that we can all relate to, many of us using computers have had to deal with virus attachments  at some stage and there is no difference when it comes to mobile devices. Attachment like photos, Games when opened can infect your mobile phone.

Bluetooth is something not many of us think about but it’s another vehicle for infection. It’s a great platform for using, but alas it’s a two-way communication tool that can easily be used to trick a user to download a virus onto their mobile device.

What Software can help

So I guess to help make sure you don’t have any issue you need antivirus software. Companies like Norton have solutions. Making sure you find a product for you device of course makes sense. Mobile security is the next big thing and you should really check out all the features before you decide which software to use.

Some software will let you unwanted block calls, alert you of potential software changes, memory scanning and so much more. The list is features I guess can be extensive but the important thing is that you spend a little time checking out software and then make a decision.

Updates are also key as new virus can cause issues so you need to insure that you keep the software updated.


You should of course avoid a number of things. Don’t install pirated software, watch out for app updates, email attachments and other downloads that you’re not sure where they come from. Make sure to keep antivirus software updated with anti-virus patches and upgrades.

Hopefully this has helped you understand that’s it’s really important to think about mobile security.

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