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Mobile Phone Account Software

I have been using bookkeeping software for a while now on my local PC. The software I am using is absolutely amazing and basically does anything that you would expect from a package for a small business. I think they also have other packages available for small to medium enterprise of course.

As I am on the road quite regularly and decided to look at what mobile software is available hopefully keeping on top of everything whilst I’m on the road. We all know that the world is going mobile and anything that can help to access information quickly and freely is what we all need to think about.

There are of course many packages available which can do your online accounts and they talk about cloud computing and all that techie stuff. I am hoping to find a solution quickly and I will post more information here if I  decided to test it on any of this type of software from my mobile phone.

I’m sure there must be some companies taken about using accounting software apps because I really think this is going to be the future. For the moment I am very happy with what I use plus I think I would really like to have a mobile version of this to make my life would be easier when out and about. Sometimes I may not be at my PC for a couple of weeks so being able to keep on top of invoicing/vat etc. would really make a big difference.

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