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Gadgets For An Office In 2012

Offices can be one of the coolest places to go or can be quite a boring place to be. It all depends on the style of management. One thing is for sure gadgets definitely add an extra wow factor to an office. They can help the employees to feel more at home so they work harder and in turn clients are happier when they get earlier deadlines.

Phone Gadgets

With such a choice of mobiles in the market place the range of gadgets available is amazing. Something like the iDUCK stand for iphone and ipad really looks nice and has it’s use. This is said to be a stand for all mobile phones and small pads, and you need not worry about kids playing with this since it is made out of eco-friendly material and some silicone

My Passport Essential

One thing I don’t leave home without in the morning is my passport storage device. These are one of the handiest gadgets you can have a sit means you can store up to 500gb of memory. You can keep your music, photos, videos etc. It just means you don’t have to store everything on your laptop, which will slow it
down. No more huge storage devices taking up all the space on your desk, you an now just have a passport size storage device with all files you might need in your job.

Id Card Printer

One of the most useful gadgets or piece of technology an office can purchase is an Id Card Printer. When Printing Id Cards you can produce customised ID Badge Cards. They do this by using an sp35 machine with datacard software. When you issue these ID cards you can get them to scan in and you can keep track of who is in early or late. It will also make them feel like they have a sense of belonging. This can really increase motivation.

Another great way to use these ID Cards is by having a photo included so that the security guard can keep track of who is coming into the building. As soon as you put the printer to work the cards are basically ready in an instant and are ready to be worn on the retractable badge reel or on a customisable Lanyards. This means that the employees will have the ID card on them at all times.

Nespresso/Coffee Machine

Nespresso machines are a great addition to the office. They are simple to make and if everyone brings their own capsules in then everyone is happy. The work by inserting a capsule into the capsule slot and then the machine does the rest. Wait remember to put a cup under the nozzle. It brews a perfect coffee for a fraction of the retail price.

One of the great things about this gadget is that it can save an employee huge amounts of money. One thing that employees hate is spending money on coffee everyday and its simple instant coffee just is not the same as fresh brewed. That’s why you need a nespresso machine because it tastes better than retail coffee.

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