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How Do I Connect My Bluetooth to My Cell Phone

Everyday more and more municipalities pass laws about using cell phones while driving.  In most U.S. cities the cell phone use is a secondary offense.  This means that if you are pulled over for say speeding, or running a stop sign and are on your cell phone you will be ticketed for both offenses.

These laws should encourage all of use-to-use hands free headsets.  I keep my Bluetooth headset in my car.  However you need to know that you can’t just buy the headset and plug it into your phone and use it right away.

First both your cell phone and the headset need to be Bluetooth enabled before you can connect the headset to the phone.  We will now look at how you connect (pair) your cell phone.

Both your phone and headpiece will come with instructions that are specific to that to that particular item.  However we will give you instructions here.  If your instructions differ from ours, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  Here are the basic steps you need to follow when trying to connect a Bluetooth to your sell phone.

Step I – With the headset closed, press and hold the multi-function button on your beam headset.  The light will be blue.

Step II – Open the headset, the light should stay on.  If not repeat step one.

Step III – Access your phone’s menu, and then open settings.  Click on connections and choose Bluetooth hands free and then new device (or add new device).  Once your phone finds a connection choose H5180.

Step IV – Enter pass key – 0000 to verify that a connection has been achieved.  Your phone screen should display “Bluetooth Connection”.

After you have made the first connection all that needs to be done is to turn the power on to your headset and the phone should accept the Bluetooth.  To set the Bluetooth power on select settings then connections – Bluetooth link.  Scroll to set up and select power and then choose change.  Go to on and press select.  Your phone should now read changed – power on.

You need to confirm the connection.  Close the headset and your phone will read disconnected.  Next re-open the headset and Bluetooth connected should come up on your phone.

If your phone is more than a couple of years old it may not be Bluetooth ready.  Also many of the pay as you go phones are not Bluetooth compatible.  So make sure the phone you plan to use is Bluetooth ready.

This article is meant to be an overview of how to connect your Bluetooth headpiece with your mobile phone so that you can use the hands free function of your phone.

We suggest that you follow your manual and use our information to help you understand your phone’s specific set up instruction leaflet.

Learn to turn on your Bluetooth before you even start the engine of your car.  Using a hands free device gives you better physical control of your car.

However even when using a Bluetooth hands free cell phone while driving, keep it short.  You can’t concentrate on what your client or spouse is saying and on the traffic around you at the same time.

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