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How To Unlock Wireless Network Passwords

Passwords or passphrase that lock wireless networks are becoming more common for additional security purposes. However, they may prevent you from being able to gain full access to the internet in given locations. There are ways though that you can successfully unlock these passwords to get the access you are searching for.

No matter how you word it though this process is a form of hacking. Make sure you always have the permission of someone to get into their programming. Many of these methods though can help you if the password has been misplaced or you didn’t write it down correctly. And there is nothing worse than trying to access your network when it has unfortunately been locked.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply reset the router. You can also connect your computer to that router usually using the ethernet port and a cat-5 cable. If you are using the Windows Vista or Windows XP then use a browser so that you are able to gain access to the gateway address that belongs to the computer. All you need to enter in the browser search bar is the IP address of your router if you are not sure what these codes are just check out the manual. You can normally only change the password by a direct connection to the router itself this is to make sure that there is no other way to bypass this process so it cannot be accessed using the wireless signal. Once you are inside of the router you will be able see the password that you need to use.

In general this security enabled on a wireless router is done using what’s called a WEP Key this of course is encrypted to 128 bit so makes this quite difficult to crack. We will discuss software that is available to do this the most networks are secured enough so they are hacker proof. Some are also settle in a way where you have to have a particular MAC address in order to access the router this is another security element to keep the network of protected.

There are cracking programs too that you can purchase that will help you to unlock wireless network passwords in just a couple of minutes. The cost of this software depends on the program but most of them seem to be very affordable. Some of them you can find online are even free to download, this is due to the fact that the sites have such large numbers of advertisers on them. Yet these free programs may not be as effective.

Still it can be to your benefit to try one of them to see if you can unlock the wireless network password with it. If not then you can consider paying for a program to give you the benefits. I would suggest you only buy such a program that offers you a money back guarantee though. That way if you aren’t successful with it to unlock a wireless network password you aren’t out anything but the time you invested in the process.

It is important to note that all of these tips for how to unlock wireless network passwords are for those WIFI areas you have permission to use. They aren’t for you to go out there and gain access illegally to anyone’s set up that is in place. That is a completely different element of why people search for passwords and one that you don’t want to involve yourself with.

How difficult or simple it ends up being for you to unlock wireless network passwords though depends on the level of security that is in place. More consumers are starting to understand the potential for their information to be compromised when they use WIFI. This is why they are upgrading to very secure systems.

However, when someone is trying to unlock a wireless network, they don’t really know the level of security that is on the computer. This is why some people will have success with it in a few minutes. Yet others can struggle all day long and still not gain the access that they have been hoping for.

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