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Cell Phones with Bluetooth Voice Activated Calling

Due to the laws now banning hand held use of cell phones while driving there has been an increase in the sales of headsets.  most of these allow you to answer calls and listen to music, however they don’t allow you to make a call without having to punch in the number.

If you spend a lot of time driving you might want to consider buying a voice activated cell phone.  In the past you had to dial into the carrier’s remote system to have your voice recorded and stored.

Now however it is much easier.  For instance if you want to add someone to your contact list go to add contact, you will be prompted to say add Name.  You might be asked to say the name multiple times so that the phone can record and save the unique characteristics of your voice.  Then you will be asked to dial that number for the last time.

When you need to call home all you will need to do is say “call home” and your phone will automatically dial the number.  Some voice activated phones will ask you who you want to call as soon as you flip the phone open.

Usually all you have to do is press the phone button or flip open the phone and say the name you want to call.

With some phones as long as your phone is on and within a certain range just say “call Joe” and your call will be placed.

Some cell phone models offer other voice activated services such as access to music, a GPS system, pictures and internet.  Adding voice activated features can not only increase the cost but also the weight of the phone.

Not all voice activated phones offer all of the above features and the number of contacts that can be stored, may vary from one brand of phone to another.  If you decide to get a voice activated cell phone just look for a phone that has the features you need.  For instance if you are a traveling sales rep you may need GPS and voice dialing but is a TV necessary?

A phone with voice activated calling can be a great boon to folks who do a lot of driving.  However even this kind of cell phone use should be limited since you can’t really concentrate on traffic conditions and discuss business with a client at the same time.

I got a Bluetooth voice dialing phone with GPS because I have a poor sense of direction and it is hard to look at directions you print out while driving.  No matter how lost I think I am all I have to do is tell the phone home and I get turn by turn directions.

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