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How Do I Get A Wireless Router To Work On My Laptop?

I’ll assume at this stage you already have your wireless router in place and working just finding it difficult to get the laptop connection configured properly. One of the great advantages of having a wifi network is not having to worry about ethernet cables as it allows you to freedom of being able to work in any room in your home.

As Microsoft’s Windows is probably one of the most popular operating systems we presume that you are using this on your computer. The settings in Windows XP and Vista should be very similar.

First of all you need to click on the start button and navigate to the control panel to open this. Once this has opened you simply double-click on network connections, which will then open up a new window. In here you will see your network cards and you should be able to see wireless network connection, simply right-click on this and then on the menu select properties. In this area is where we set up the configuration for username and password, which should allow you to access your wireless router.

You will now have another window opened and in here simply click on the tab “wireless networks” and then click on view wireless networks. You should now be able to see the name of your router is generally one of the strongest signal you happen to be in an area with lots of wifi enabled networks nearby always pick the one with the stronger signal if you’re not sure what it is called. Once you have selected this it will then ask you for a username and password. Hopefully you will not have any issues and it will then give you access, your router will be set up with DHCP which will issue you make an IP address these IPs was then allow you to connect to the Internet wirelessly.

But what if you have some issues what happens if you are on able to get this working. Do not panic networking can be quite simple and it’s just a matter of elimination to find out exactly where the problem may be. If you do not feel that your router is set up correctly you will need to use a CAT-5 cable to plug in directly from your laptop in order to configure this. You will need to check your manual to find out what the default IP address is all your local router. Do not be overwhelmed by this little piece of hardware all you are looking to do is to make sure that security settings are not blocking you from accessing from your laptop and by connecting directly with the cable you should be able to change this easily. Unfortunately all routers are not the same as they all run the software so the layout will be completely different to another but in principle the ideas of what you need to do are almost identical.

I always suggest that you disable any security settings so that you are broadband connection is completely open. It’s always much easier to connect to a completely open system rather than trying to worry about security and encryption in trying to get everything done properly and to have all of this disables you can then try again connect using your wi-fi connection. Hopefully you will have success with this and will be able to get access to the Web you can always open a command prompt and type in ipconfig to see if you are actually getting an IP address once you have established is and then set about starting to lock your wireless connection back down again on your router.

Hopefully you will have success with this and you will be able to then download some software that will help you manage your wifi connection there are plenty of applications available and these downloads can help you make sure that you’re firewall is in place and that your encryption is back up and running the last thing you want to do is to allow hackers or unwanted guests having access to the Internet via your DSL connection.

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