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Samsung Galaxy S4 may have rebooting issues

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the top selling phones in the market at present, as we’ve seen over the year at time there can sometimes be software issues and it seems now that some people are having issues with the phone rebooting.

It’s now seems as if there will be a software update to fix this now.

A few weeks ago there were a number of people saying their phone was affected by smearing issues when using the touchscreen display.

Other problem some people seem to be having is launching the camera via the lock screen widget the phone can sometimes reboot. There also seem to be issues with the camera startup time that this can sometime be very slow compared to other android phones.

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What is Free Antivirus Software?

I sometimes have this small issue with the word free simple because you have to know what you’re getting first.

After a few small problems a while back with a virus I download a free antivirus application simple because I’ve never actually paid for antivirus software in the past and coming from an IT background I’ve never had a virus. But, here’s the problem malware can install on Windows operating systems by simple visiting a website that’s been hacked.

It’s a total pain when this happens because it can be a little complicated to remove and takes a little time.

How to Fix the Problem

Downloading some free software did help to remove part of the malware. But, not everything! I had to download other malware removal application to finish the job.

For a few Euro a year I could have an antivirus software program like Norton that would really help at all times and say me hours and hours of pain trying to remove.

I’ve read so must the past few weeks about the many different type of treats and security issues that are affecting so many people and how this type of malware can cause financial problem as well as technical problems.

My advice if you’re using Windows it to get a paid antivirus software program. We can even see this problem moving to mobile with iPhones and Androids also been hit. In the future I reckon more and more of our mobile devices will also be hit.

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Mobile Viruses

Since the dawn of computers we’ve had viruses and it comes as no surprise that as we move more into a mobile world these virus are following. The mobile revolution has spawned viruses that are designed to install harmful files on your device.

Some proprietary systems have of course made it easy to control the spread of these types of these attacks. But, in saying that there are targeted malware and virus out there that are designed to attack specific operating systems.

What type of Viruses

There are a couple of ways that viruses are designed to attack a mobile device. Email is the most obvious that we can all relate to, many of us using computers have had to deal with virus attachments  at some stage and there is no difference when it comes to mobile devices. Attachment like photos, Games when opened can infect your mobile phone.

Bluetooth is something not many of us think about but it’s another vehicle for infection. It’s a great platform for using, but alas it’s a two-way communication tool that can easily be used to trick a user to download a virus onto their mobile device.

What Software can help

So I guess to help make sure you don’t have any issue you need antivirus software. Companies like Norton have solutions. Making sure you find a product for you device of course makes sense. Mobile security is the next big thing and you should really check out all the features before you decide which software to use.

Some software will let you unwanted block calls, alert you of potential software changes, memory scanning and so much more. The list is features I guess can be extensive but the important thing is that you spend a little time checking out software and then make a decision.

Updates are also key as new virus can cause issues so you need to insure that you keep the software updated.


You should of course avoid a number of things. Don’t install pirated software, watch out for app updates, email attachments and other downloads that you’re not sure where they come from. Make sure to keep antivirus software updated with anti-virus patches and upgrades.

Hopefully this has helped you understand that’s it’s really important to think about mobile security.

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iPhone Home Improvement Apps

We have seen so many applications available for the iPhone. When you visit a home improvement store and wish you had brought all the measurements for your DIY project having an application may be exactly what you need.

There are a number of applications available that can help you as a leveler, ruler and protractor for example. We have just put together a small collection of applications together, you can find over 250,000 different is available so this is just a small list of ones that we have selected.

1. iHandy Carpenter

Here’s a super app that can be used by anybody. It’s comes with a ruler, protractor, bubble leveler, plumb bob, and surface leveler. It’s perfect for small jobs when you’re stuck.

2. Drywall Calculator

Trying to calculate drywall when doing DIY in your home can be very time consuming and confusing. Many people try to keep correct lengths/heights and all the rest can be a pain. Using the drywall calculator will help you with square footage and keeping data for measuring ceilings and sloping walls.

3. iScrew

If you’re a DIY’er or carpenter this is a great app. Its helps you with the classification on types of screws, bolts, and fasteners. It’s great for times when you visit the DIY store and trying to get help in store for size for any missing screws you’re looking to replace.

There are many apps available for indoor and outdoor DIY,  concrete repair product, Wall paper apps, Kitchen remodeling apps and so on. Many are free and some have to be paid for. But, you should spend some time looking to see what’s available.

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Golf Games on iPhone

The iPhone is so versatile when it comes to gaming and what’s so many games available I just thought it was time to have a quick look at some golf games.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour

This is the iPhone optimized version of the popular console game from EA sports of course it is going to be limited in certain ways compared to playing on Xbox but over all it offers good graphics and playability.

On screen you can swipe down which gives you actually was swiping a establishes your forwards in. If you happen to move slightly to the left or right this will translate into a hook or a slice.

Lets Golf

The main focus of his slightly different to the Tiger Woods experience from EA sports. This is a bright and colorful fun adventure. It’s a lot easier to play of course and as we say the main element of this is to focus on fun. You don’t need to worry too much about the weather and taking out your Galvin Green Jackets you can do everything from the comfort of your own home.

3D Mini Golf

I’m sure some stage we have all played mini golf (I know I have) again the main focus of this game is on the fun. It comes with many unique teams and lots of crazy obstacles.

This is just a quick look at some of the selection of games that are available to present of course this is an ever-changing market with many software developers producing games on the time. Just pop over to the iTunes store and see you can find one that suits you better, always remember to check out reviews beforehand.

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Sony Xperia™ T


The Sony Xperia T is comes with a 13-megapixel camera that offers full 1080p HD video. Other nice features include a media player, PlayStation certification, and the ability to connect to an Xperia TV Dock for viewing photos and videos on an HDMI-enabled television.

It comes with a 1280 x 720 display measuring 4.6-inches. That gives you a pixel density of 319ppi, which is nice and sharp.

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On The Move

Using a mobile phone to help the many tasks is enabled us to be I guess more mobile (excuse the pun) with many tasks that only a few years ago may not been possible. If you were working on a new project and tracking time is a key factor for any brainstorming sessions that you maybe have been able to use your mobile for this may really help. There are number of software products out there from Freshbooks and Toggl not just help you manage your accounts but can also help with managing your time.

Being on the move and be able to track things like important expenses while visiting clients are taking time away from your desk is another really valuable asset that mobile phones are now bringing to the mobile workplace. Been mobile has lots of advantages because one you know your information is probably hidden back up into the cloud, you can be a clients office I send an invoice straight away. You can manage your time more efficiently and effectively.

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Mobile Phone Account Software

I have been using bookkeeping software for a while now on my local PC. The software I am using is absolutely amazing and basically does anything that you would expect from a package for a small business. I think they also have other packages available for small to medium enterprise of course.

As I am on the road quite regularly and decided to look at what mobile software is available hopefully keeping on top of everything whilst I’m on the road. We all know that the world is going mobile and anything that can help to access information quickly and freely is what we all need to think about.

There are of course many packages available which can do your online accounts and they talk about cloud computing and all that techie stuff. I am hoping to find a solution quickly and I will post more information here if I  decided to test it on any of this type of software from my mobile phone.

I’m sure there must be some companies taken about using accounting software apps because I really think this is going to be the future. For the moment I am very happy with what I use plus I think I would really like to have a mobile version of this to make my life would be easier when out and about. Sometimes I may not be at my PC for a couple of weeks so being able to keep on top of invoicing/vat etc. would really make a big difference.

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Gadgets For An Office In 2012

Offices can be one of the coolest places to go or can be quite a boring place to be. It all depends on the style of management. One thing is for sure gadgets definitely add an extra wow factor to an office. They can help the employees to feel more at home so they work harder and in turn clients are happier when they get earlier deadlines.

Phone Gadgets

With such a choice of mobiles in the market place the range of gadgets available is amazing. Something like the iDUCK stand for iphone and ipad really looks nice and has it’s use. This is said to be a stand for all mobile phones and small pads, and you need not worry about kids playing with this since it is made out of eco-friendly material and some silicone

My Passport Essential

One thing I don’t leave home without in the morning is my passport storage device. These are one of the handiest gadgets you can have a sit means you can store up to 500gb of memory. You can keep your music, photos, videos etc. It just means you don’t have to store everything on your laptop, which will slow it
down. No more huge storage devices taking up all the space on your desk, you an now just have a passport size storage device with all files you might need in your job.

Id Card Printer

One of the most useful gadgets or piece of technology an office can purchase is an Id Card Printer. When Printing Id Cards you can produce customised ID Badge Cards. They do this by using an sp35 machine with datacard software. When you issue these ID cards you can get them to scan in and you can keep track of who is in early or late. It will also make them feel like they have a sense of belonging. This can really increase motivation.

Another great way to use these ID Cards is by having a photo included so that the security guard can keep track of who is coming into the building. As soon as you put the printer to work the cards are basically ready in an instant and are ready to be worn on the retractable badge reel or on a customisable Lanyards. This means that the employees will have the ID card on them at all times.

Nespresso/Coffee Machine

Nespresso machines are a great addition to the office. They are simple to make and if everyone brings their own capsules in then everyone is happy. The work by inserting a capsule into the capsule slot and then the machine does the rest. Wait remember to put a cup under the nozzle. It brews a perfect coffee for a fraction of the retail price.

One of the great things about this gadget is that it can save an employee huge amounts of money. One thing that employees hate is spending money on coffee everyday and its simple instant coffee just is not the same as fresh brewed. That’s why you need a nespresso machine because it tastes better than retail coffee.

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HTC Desire HD



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BlackBerry Bold 9780

The Blackberry  Bold 9780 has been launched on the T-Mobile network in the USA. The phone comes preloaded with Blackberry 6 and is expected to cost about $130 on contract.

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Nokia N8 Hands On

The Nokia N8 looks like it’s going to be an amazing smart phone when it’s finally released. It’s able to capture true HD movies which can then be viewed on the large 3.5 inch OLED touchscreen.

It comes packed with features including a 12 megapixel camera which has Carl Zeiss Optics and a Xenon flash. The video below gives a quick overview of the USB adapter which looks like a really nice addition.

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Nokia N8 Video Hands On

The Nokia N8 looks like an exciting phone. It comes back with some nice features including 3.5” capacitive touchscreen, 12-megapixel camera with Xenon flash and 720p video capture at 25 frames per second, HDMI output, and Video on-Demand through the Ovi Store. Aside from its camera centric focus, the Nokia N8 is the first handset to run on the Symbian^3 OS. It has 16GB of internal memory, FM radio, FM transmitter, Wi-Fi, GPS

You will get a real good hands-on demonstration of its capability and usability.


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Ovi Browser now on Nokia Series 40 Phones

Nokia have made it available to new Ovi browser. The browser is now available in beta only and comes with the standard features that you would expect from any mobile phone web browser that is available at present. As you would expect it uses a lot of compression on a ticket that is transferred so that customers can save on bandwidth consumption, which in turn makes it quicker to use.

It also comes with a user interface which can be accessed directly from the start page meaning you do not have to work your way through various menus to try and find.

At present it is available free to download and will work with a number of different phones including the 2700 Classic, Nokia 6600 cell phone and 6700 classic.
It must be noted that this software is still in beta. You can watch the video below to give you more information.


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